Summer LINK 2017

Where: Charleston, SC

When: June 2nd-July 27th

What: Over the summer, many of our students were involved in Summer LINK, a discipleship internship in partnership with Citadel Square Baptist Church, where they were trained in evangelism, Bible study, and discipleship while in community and serving within the local church. This was a great and fruitful way for our students to spend their summer. 

Welcome Week Events

Where: Student Center at 216 Calhoun Street

When: August 20th-26th

What: We had a wonderful time kicking off the school year with our Sunday Sundae's on the 20th where we had a delicious ice cream bar, had a great time exploring Charleston on our Scavenger Hunt on the 21st, chilled and played games together at our Game Night on the 24th, and caught up with all our returning students and got to know new students even more while eating delicious BBQ at our Cookout on the 26th!  

BCM Clean Up Day

Where: Student Center at 216 Calhoun Street

When: Saturday, September 16th from 12-3 pm

What: After Hurricane Irma, we had a few trees down at the BCM center, so we had a clean up day to get us up an running again. It was a great time to bond, and also we had a fun time hanging out at the student center afterwards, eating some good food and watching movies.

Prayer Drive

Where: Student Center at 216 Calhoun Street

When: October 14th

What: As our final day of Engage 24, our 24 days of prayer, we invited all to join us on a Prayer Drive. We carpooled from campus to campus (as we as Two16 BCM work with students from over 5 different colleges) to pray for specific things for those campuses there, and while driving along the way.

Fall Retreat

Where: Bethel Christian Retreat Center

When: October 20th-22nd

What: We went to Gaston, SC to get away from the hustle and bustle of Charleston and fellowship with each other, bond as a group, and just hang out. We had an amazing guest speaker and guest worship team to lead us, and had an awesome time building relationships with one another and the Lord!

Two16 BCM Christmas Party

Where: 32 Rutledge Ave. 

When: December 2nd from 4-6 pm

What: December 2nd, we had our annual Christmas Party, hosted by a wonderful family on Rutledge Avenue downtown, which they have host for many years now. We had a great time hanging out and eating some delicious food, as well us had our annual white elephant gift exchange, which was a lot of fun! 

Study Break Events

Where: Student Center at 216 Calhoun  Street

When: December 7th and 9th

What: We had a great time eating delicious Christmas cookies and playing games on the 7th, and having a Christmas movie marathon on the 9th. It was great to get away from the stresses of exams and take a break with some friends.

New York City Mission Trip

Where: New York, New York

When: December 16th-23rd, 2017

What: Our team of students went to New York City to work with church planters in Queens working with South Asians. Our team specifically worked with a Nepali church planter, Silvanus, planter of Global Mission Church of New York, engaging the community with prayer and the gospel and encouraging, praying over, and worshiping with the Nepali believers doing work in Queens as a part of this church plant. It was an amazing experience for the team to see what God is doing there, what God did through them there, and what they are challenged to bring back here to Charleston with them.


Where: Myrtle Beach, SC

When: February 2nd-4th

What: We went to Myrtle Beach and had an awesome time with over 900 students from BCM's all over South Carolina. We had great times of worship and hearing the Word preached, had very engaging breakout sessions that help us apply what wee've learned on our campuses and in our lives, and got a chance to hang out with Charleston Area students as well as believers across our state.

Girl's Night

Where: 1645 North Woodmere Dr. Apt D25, Charleston, SC 29407

When: February 23rd

What: All college age girls were welcome to our girl's night at one of our intern's apartment to hang out, have breakfast for dinner, including red velvet pancakes and watch a movie!