Want to give your summer break to the glory of God?  Ready to step out in faith and to trust Jesus to do big things with your witness?  Then BCMGo is for you!  BCMGo is filled with diverse opportunities for college students to serve with Jesus here, there, and everywhere. BCMGo is the primary missions partner for BCM Charleston. 

What is BCMGo?

BcmGo is a statewide missions initiative through the Baptist Collegiate Ministry of the South Carolina Baptist Convention. It is our desire to provide students with opportunities to fulfill the Great Commission by sending them to serve in our state, throughout North America, and to the ends of the earth. 

I am interested in missions but where do I start?

Ask the Lord to direct your thoughts and lean in to the Holy Spirit as you discern how He is calling you to spend your summer. 

Consider how you might put your “YES” on the table. The time to advance the Kingdom of God is now!